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Best in dog care Cameo's Pet Salon!! In Ventura California


Doggie daycare dogs.. let the fun begin!....

Doggie day care starts at 8:00-6:00 Tuesday through Saturday. Closed some Saturdays do to The Pet Guardian Shield. Prices are very reasonable in the Ventura county. Starting rate is 25.00 a day. But if you get the five day package it's only 65.00 for five days. You don't have to have them all

in a row. We only accept none aggressive breeds. We have the right to refuse service to your dog if we think it doesn't fit in our pack.  We take pride in our work, and enjoy having our day care dogs in our day.  We only have around 15 day care dogs a day. It would be good to check if you are not a regular for availability. See you and your dog soon thank you for stopping in.

The mix❤️🐺🐾

We let all of the dogs that are groomed play with all of our daycare dogs. Always fun and cage free grooming. And the daycare dogs love meeting new friends daily.