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Home of The Pet Guardian Shield a cone alternative.


 The Shield was developed to work as an alternative to the "cone of shame". The Shield fits around your dog snugly, preventing them from turning their body around to scratch or bite a problem area. This helps your dog heal safely, and keeps them from further irritating their wound. 

The Shield has a flexible and durable core insert that is removable so it can be washed. When then the Shield is properly fitted, your dog can heal quickly and comfortably. They will even be able to eat, drink, sleep, and play with the Shield on. You can even take your furry friend for a walk with the Shield, because it comes installed with  an eye-loop on the back for a leash to be attached. This is currently the only product on the market that prohibits the dog from itching its back. Order your Shield today and help your dog heal as quickly and comfortably as possible! All products are made in the US